Want to join?
Are you interested in joining a bass club?
A little info about us:

We are located in central PA and currently have 23 members.

We are always looking for new members, both boaters and riders.  We are not a member of the Federation.

Club dues are $20 for new members/$10 per year for returning members.

We have a number of club outings each year.  You can fish as many as you like.

For our club outings we measure the fish in 1/2" increments, write it down on a score card, and immediately release the fish.

Each fish is worth a certain number of points based on it's length.  We add up the total number of points for each member's 6 biggest fish (12" minimum).  This determines the winners as well as lunker at each outing.

The losers then kick the winners out of the club.  Just kidding:-)

We also have an AOY scoring system to determine the top anglers in the club each year.

All you need is your own gear!

if you are interested in joining the club.
We would love to hear from you!!!